Monthly Archives : December 2013

Live With Passion, Purpose, Possibilities

Adopt an abundance mindset

Believe that your instincts will guide every step

Create opportunities when none seem possible

Deliver in small and big moments

Embrace life for all its wonder

Faithfully do what you need to do

Give compassion when life gets tough

Hear whispers from the heart

Invent yourself every day

Joyfully embrace for all of life

Keep promises

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What Possibilities?

Possibility is…

 Planting seeds to grow talent, prescription abilities, gifts

Opening your mind to possibilities in every day ordinary

Seeing the possible in daily struggles

Sensing a life lived as intended

Imagining all you can do

Belief in the powerful combination of the heart and mind

Intuition behind the words and actions

Living and creating your dreams

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What is Purpose?

Purpose is…

Planning to live life to its fullest

Uncovering and sharing your unique gifts with the world

Recognition and appreciation of all you’ve accomplished

Planning consciously for success

Orchestration of a life that is meant to be

Success on your own terms

Expressing your gifts in concrete actions  

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What is Passion?

Passion is…
Passion is the elixir of life
Amazing and powerful in its simplicity
Sensing the magic of possibility
Striking gold in everyday actions
Inspiring actions to become our best self
Ordinary turned into extraordinary
Now and always an exercise of the heart

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