Engagement Tip # 11 – Get Employees Engaged

In the “good ol days” of suggestions boxes, nurse most comments were either ignored or suggestions were so cryptic that little to no action was possible. Today, medical engagement surveys are conducted regularly, purchase but has anything really changed? Too often, surveys are conducted, results are communicated and that’s where the process ends. To really make a difference, taking action that matters to employees, however small, will have the biggest impact.  Better still, get your employees involved in creating solutions that work on one or two  issues that are  important to them and commit to seeing these through.  If the actions don’t get the right results, keep making changes, as a team, until you find the solution that works. You’ll win the hearts and minds of your employees, not to mention increase collaboration.

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Dianne Gaudet is a certified Coach who is passionate about helping her clients manage the dynamics of continual life transitions as they reach new heights of personal and professional success. Helping Boomers create rich and inspired lifestyle plans for the retirement life they want is one of her greatest joys. Dianne is the author of a new book, If There Are No Limits... A guide to living with passion, purpose and possibilities. She is also a motivational speaker, teacher and world traveller.