Engagement Tip # 4 – More Responsibility, Not Less

It’s human nature to want to connect with others on an emotional level. And contrary to old school management thinking, emotions do have a place in the workplace. If they didn't there would be very little spirit in organizations. One simple way to build strong connections with your employees is to show interest in the whole person. Ask them how their families are doing and get to know what's important to them in their personal lives while respecting the privacy of those who are less comfortable with sharing. Celebrate important milestones with them such as a birthday, the graduation of their children or the birth of a child. Employees who feel a deeper connection to their leaders and their organizations invest more and stay longer.

More than anything else, employees want to participate fully, click to learn and grow their skills and abilities.  Adding more responsibility is a great way to develop your employees, enrich their work experience and prepare them for future roles. It’s an easy and inexpensive source of continual development.  It is also a smart strategy to build succession into your operations without the need for more complex and formal succession programs.  Employees who have opportunities to stretch feel more valued, appreciate your confidence in them and are motivated to continue to learn and grow.

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Dianne Gaudet is a certified Coach who is passionate about helping her clients manage the dynamics of continual life transitions as they reach new heights of personal and professional success. Helping Boomers create rich and inspired lifestyle plans for the retirement life they want is one of her greatest joys. Dianne is the author of a new book, If There Are No Limits... A guide to living with passion, purpose and possibilities. She is also a motivational speaker, teacher and world traveller.