Engagement Tip # 9 – Reconciling Differences Leads to Loyalty

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Dianne GaudetHello, I'm Dianne Gaudet and I am a certified Executive Coach. Through coaching, facilitation and self-guided programs, I help individuals reach their peak performance potential; to actively discover, define and direct their personal and professional life. Individuals work with me to gain clarity and better manage the dynamics of continual transitions in their lives.

I am the author of a book entitled: If there are No Limits... A Guide to Living with Passion, Purpose and Possibilities. In my book, I share a holistic process to reach for our potential; and find meaning and balance while responding to the incessant, 24/7, on-demand, and changing world we live in today.

In addition to coaching, I provide consulting and development programs designed to be practical and applicable to the realities of today's organizational challenges. I am an engaging speaker who challenges audiences to think of new and innovative ways to reach peak performance in every aspect of life.

I hold Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Business, with certificates in Coaching (ACC) and Human Resources Management (CHRP).  I bring over 30 years of coaching, consulting and human resources management experience with US, Canadian and Public sector organizations to my practice.
When an employee disagrees with their leader and the situation is handled poorly, here the potential for permanent damage to the relationship is extremely high. Ignoring the situation, physician belittling the employee or letting the situation fester only drives the issue to a point where reconciliation becomes impossible. Feelings get hurt and relationships are damaged, often beyond repair. Engagement takes a nose dive and the employee ends up leaving the boss and the organization. So who wins? One of the important roles of a leader is to find ways to air out grievances and move forward positively. Summon the courage to have a genuine chat with your employee. Invest in mediation if necessary. Talk to a trusted HR advisor. It takes a huge dose of respect and commitment to repair broken and damaged relationships but it’s worth the investment. The payoff is a relationship based on mutual respect, increased loyalty and engagement.


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Dianne Gaudet is a certified Coach who is passionate about helping her clients manage the dynamics of continual life transitions as they reach new heights of personal and professional success. Helping Boomers create rich and inspired lifestyle plans for the retirement life they want is one of her greatest joys. Dianne is the author of a new book, If There Are No Limits... A guide to living with passion, purpose and possibilities. She is also a motivational speaker, teacher and world traveller.