Week 17 – Name That Fear

Fear is the single, order biggest obstacle preventing us from achieving our most cherished dreams and goals. What are we afraid of, exactly? Are we afraid we’ll succeed beyond our wildest dreams or that we’ll feel shameful in our greatest defeats? Fear is a great paradox. We fear the things we want the most, and at the same time, fear will always be a constant companion when we stretch ourselves and reach for our goals. It’s natural to feel fear. But when it gets in the way of what we most need to do, it becomes an obstacle. Fear comes in many disguises:

  • We make excuses to avoid doing or saying what we know we need to do or say.
  • We avoid doing what is necessary by distracting ourselves with mindless and meaningless activities, like surfing the net or watching TV.
  • We procrastinate and in the process harbour all the guilt that comes with knowing that we are holding back.
  • We deny, to ourselves and to others, the importance of what it is we must do.
  • We develop habits that serve to protect us from our fears, but do little for our peace of mind.

The danger of staying stuck in fear is that we will end up with an ocean of regrets and a litany of coulda, woulda, shouldas.  And we don’t want that. This week, take a few moments to name the fears you have about reaching your most important dreams and goals. Next week we’ll look at a process to overcome and move through those fears.

Written by

Dianne Gaudet is a certified Coach who is passionate about helping her clients manage the dynamics of continual life transitions as they reach new heights of personal and professional success. Helping Boomers create rich and inspired lifestyle plans for the retirement life they want is one of her greatest joys. Dianne is the author of a new book, If There Are No Limits... A guide to living with passion, purpose and possibilities. She is also a motivational speaker, teacher and world traveller.