Week 30 – How to regain your balance through renewal

In the movie, pill Eat, viagra order Pray, and Love, Julia Roberts struggles to find her balance.  When she is challenged to choose between finding balance and letting love throw her off balance, she’s not sure what to do.  In the end, Katut, her medicine man, helps her to see that she can maintain balance through life’s changes; that balance is not always about serenity.

What sorts of things can you do to replenish and renew so that you maintain your balance?

  1. Physical balance: Take stock of your physical and mental health and decide if changes are needed.  Ask what nutritional adjustments you can make or physical activities will help you feel better. How does the work you do contribute to your overall well-being and growth? Ask yourself if you have a healthy balance between work and your personal life.  Are there any changes you need to make to improve your overall financial health?
  2. Emotional balance: Try to understand what gives you the greatest sense of joy in your relationships. How healthy are your family relationships? Do they nurture you and do they contribute to the wonderful memories you create in your life?  Do your friends support you through your sorrows and celebrate your joys?
  3. Spiritual balance: Listen to what your heart is calling you to do next in all aspects of your life.  What matters most to you at this stage of your life? What steps can you take to move closer to achieving your most important goals? What do you want to contribute to the greater community you live in?  Is there one small thing you can do to improve the lives of those in need around the world? What spiritual guidance you need to draw from right now?
  4. Intellectual balance: Ask yourself how satisfied you are with the knowledge and skills you have now?  What you can learn from your past and what do you need to learn for the future? If you can find one or two hours each day to focus on what’s most important, how will it make a difference in your life? Reflect on what you appreciate about the environment you live in, and see if any changes are needed to make your environment fit your needs better. Think about the types of leisure activities that leave you refreshed and relaxed.  Build more of these activities into your day.

There are many benefits to finding balance, including feeling renewed, strengthened, centred and more committed to what’s important in life. Understanding the triggers that throw you off balance will help you make the changes that are necessary to regain balance and fell more centred.

Dianne is a certified coach who helps individuals thrive as they successfully manage the dynamics of incessant demands; and the author of a new book: If There Are No Limits… A guide to living with passion, purpose and possibilities. For more information, visit the book page on this website. 

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Dianne Gaudet is a certified Coach who is passionate about helping her clients manage the dynamics of continual life transitions as they reach new heights of personal and professional success. Helping Boomers create rich and inspired lifestyle plans for the retirement life they want is one of her greatest joys. Dianne is the author of a new book, If There Are No Limits... A guide to living with passion, purpose and possibilities. She is also a motivational speaker, teacher and world traveller.