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Welcome to Inkiesta

(an Italian word, pronounced “in-key-es-ta” that means journey)

A new movement is afoot as the largest cohort of retirees – the Boomer generation – retires. No longer is retirement seen as the beginning of a decline. A new lens is emerging that sees Boomers fulfilling unfinished dreams, trying new things and rethinking what’s possible. This is the first generation to look at retirement from a perspective of new beginnings. And since there are few benchmarks and too many possibilities, the most resilient can easily become overwhelmed.

  • If you’re struggling to figure out what retirement actually means to you;
  • If you’re having difficulty deciding on the best time to retire;
  • If you want to work but are unsure what that can look like;
  • If you have concerns about how to create the retirement lifestyle you really want;
  • If you want to make the most of this exciting time of your life;
  • If you are looking for someone who can look beyond the financials;

I can help. As a retirement coach, I help you find your own unique voice and gain clarity on what’s most important, so you can squeeze every last drop of juice out of this exciting time in your life. I help you avoid wasting the most energetic years of your retirement trying to figure out what to do with all this newfound freedom. My greatest joys is seeing you make the most of what may be the best years of your life. Working with me is be the best investments you can make in yourself and to make sure regret doesn’t take centre stage.

If There Are No Limits...

If There Are No Limits

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Contact me to see how I can help you design and achieve the retirement life you want.



“Retirement is a time of jubilation. Dream boldly! Live Loudly!

Squeeze every last drop of juice out of your life.”