If There Are No Limits...


About the Book

There’s no question, we’ve lost our way in a perfect storm created by an incessant, 24/7, on-demand world with too many choices and misguided beliefs that we can have it all. Essentially written to be your own personal coach in a book, each chapter is filled with powerful questions, exercises and guided reflections to help you refocus your energies on your most important dreams and goals. Inspirational stories and a pragmatic approach help you create a holistic life plan that is infused with logic, a healthy dose of intuition and the emotions of a contemplative heart. From a perspective of no limits you’re invited to consider making positive changes, in your own unique way, to respond to the incessant demands that keep getting in your way. This book is a wonderful addition to coaching or seminars for individuals and couples who are planning for such a significant transition as retirement.

It is the perfect book if you:

  • are at a key milestone in your lifeIf-There-Are-No-Limits-lg
  • feel like you’ve lost your way
  • are looking for meaning in a sea of relentless noise
  • feel overwhelmed by too many choices
  • want to creating an incredible legacies for love ones
  • want to achieve success in every part of your life
  • want to become a confident leader


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“Awesome book! If you’ve ever questioned, “Is this all there is” or you long for more passion or purpose in your life then this book is for you. Dianne takes you on a journey, skillfully…  to really dig deep and help you discover how to live your best life.”