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Rocks with quoteWhat is Coaching?

Coaching is a process of self-discovery, planning and support that empowers you to define and exceed your goals. Coaching is about creating mindful awareness and conversation between two people or in a group. It allows space for perspectives to be altered and for the person being coached to make the changes that best fit his or her situation. The person being coached drives the agenda of coaching.

Coaching applies specialized techniques that are gained through extensive training, and based on positive psychology principals and natural intuition. Coaching provides the necessary tools to see possibilities from a fresh perspective. As a trusted partner, a coach will help you find clarity around the goals you have and help you figure out the next steps to achieve those goals. Coaching is a gift you give yourself.

The following principles guide my coaching practice:

  • By nature we all seek meaning and congruence.
  • Everyone is creative and capable of new levels of awareness in their quest for success.
  • We’re at our best when relationships are built on trust, openness and integrity.
  • Life is multi-faceted and each facet is interdependent on the other.
  • We are influenced by others in our life and by the world we live in.
  • We are ultimately responsible for the choices we make and the actions we take.

Here are 10 ways coaching can help you during the exciting and scary transition to retirement. You can:

  1. Dare to dream big and explore what’s possible without making commitments.
  2. Bring attention to unfinished business that needs tending to.
  3. Create a lifestyle plan that is inspired from the heart, not the head.
  4. Make a commitment to focus your energies on what matters most.
  5. Identify the things that will no longer serve you in retirement and let them go.
  6. Identify any gaps between your lifestyle plan and your financial plan.
  7. Find solutions to barriers that may get in the way of your retirement plans.
  8. Find ways to bridge any differences between yours and your partner’s plans.
  9. Create new rituals to make this transition one of the most meaningful of your life.
  10. Focus on building a legacy that lives today, instead of one you leave behind.

Look for sustainable results

Through practical and insightful exercises, questions and discussions, you can achieve sustainable results. Following coaching, you will be able to articulate a clearer purpose and the steps required to reach the next stage of your retirement life. You will be able to translate new learning into actions and achieve your most important goals. As result of coaching, you will gain more confidence about what’s possible during this exciting time of your life.


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“I loved working with Dianne. She is very professional, dedicated and efficient,

all the while caring about people in a sensitive change context.”